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We specialize in automotive LED light, HID xenon light, LED flashlight and pinball LED light


1. Automotive LED light

    1) LED headlight

    2) LED turn light

    3) LED brake light

    4) LED interior light

    5) LED license plate light

    6) LED angel eye

    7) CCFL halo ring

    8) COB halo ring

    9) SMD halo ring

    10) LED daytime runing light

    11) LED flexible strip



2. HID xenon light

    1) HID ballast

    2) HID xenon bulb

    3) HID reverse light



3. LED flashlight

    1) LED flashlight

    2) LED headlamp



4. Pinball LED light

    1) #44 #47 #555 LED

    2) #89 LED flasher

    3) #906 LED flasher

    4) under post star LED

    5) The No. 1 real non ghosting pinball LED in China











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